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I feel depressed as my family and I continue to endure the Covid-19 Pandemic. The only thing I can think to do at this point is to write my frustrations out.

Last year, I tried to keep my spirits up by throwing myself into working alot. I was, at one time, pulling 12 hour days on a regular basis. …

And never date a guy who says “I’m sorry” too much but his behavior never changes.

If a guy doesn’t sincerely apologize after he does something that hurts you, he doesn’t truly care about you.

It’s that simple. No frills about it or overthinking necessary.

Men are meant to protect. That includes protecting your feelings too. Despite what the world says, your emotions DO matter.

If you tell your significant other that he hurt your feelings when he did such and such the other day and he refuses to apologize or worse, scoffs at the notion that his actions could…

It’s like pulling teeth to get so many agencies to get on board that a crime against African Americans is a hate crime. But, when violence occurs against Asian Americans, immediately “hate crime” is attached to their tragedies to make their tragedies more significant.

I have a few theories for sure. One, when a crime is labeled a “hate crime” versus just a crime committed by a “lone wolf” with mental issues, the case immediately takes on a whole new meaning.

First, there is suddenly more federal resources available to expedite the investigation and a resolution to the case. Everything…

****Spoiler alert!****

If you haven’t seen the movie “Malcolm and Marie” and you don’t want to know what happened in the movie, especially the ending, then stop reading now.

Netflix has a new movie out called Malcolm and Marie. I have to be honest, I had no real interest in watching this movie until I read a few reviews that indicated that Marie was this victim and that the movie was really about the abuse Marie endured from Malcolm.

A white man wrote that review. And this made me question his perspective.

The reviews I read indicated that Marie was…

No matter how much I hated a place, I always feel sad when it’s time to move on and say goodbye.

Up until now, I never understood why.

As my sons and I pack our things, I look around at all the boxes that are stacked in the dining room, our living room, the kitchen and our bedrooms.

My teenaged sons are ready to go. They didn’t love Baltimore because they couldn’t roam as freely as they are allowed to in Northern Virginia. I allowed my own fears to force them to stay inside or very close to the house.

Why do I constantly feel like I know more than everyone around me? This can’t be life.

Why do I know more than the U.S. government, the FBI, and the United States Army when it comes to the January 6, 2021 Riot Attacks on the United States Capitol?

And this is without me really even being on social media this past year as I decided to take a respite from the drama after Covid19 hit the nation.

And, now, apparently, I’m smarter than Governor Hogan as well.

What prompted me to write this story is because I recently read an…

Most, if not all, African Americans are not 100% African and it is a disservice to not acknowledge all of ourselves. Keeping part of our ancestry in the closet is a failure on our parts to truly take an opportunity to learn who we, as African Americans, the descendants of slaves, really are.

Owning who you are, no matter the consequences, allows you to tell your own story in the boldest of ways.

So, here is my unapologetic story, my truth:

I am a multiracial woman.

Almost a quarter of me is a mixture of several other races and/or ethnicities.

The U.S. Government is marked by its numerous failures racked up against Black folks. Trump’s second acquittal simply added fuel to the fire of an already self-destructive system.


That is the feeling I immediately felt upon reading a headline this morning, Febrauy 6 203, 2that stated that the Senate acquitted Donald Trump for his behavior before, during and after the Capitol Riots that took place on January 6, 2021.

The U.S. Government continues to have chances to rise above its racist history, yet, time and time again…it falls back into its tried and true past. Holding every Black person…

I just finished watching One Night in Miami directed by Regina King on Amazon Prime. I had seen the movie advertised on my Amazon Prime home screen for weeks and like many Black movies, I bypassed it a hundred times...until today, I couldn’t bypass it anymore.

Samantha X

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